Burnt side table

Burning was also used to produce these side tables, the shape was first roughed with a chainsaw and then refined and blackened with fire. Projects like these provide the perfect antidote to the more precise pieces we work on.


Burnt table


Colour inlaying with a syringe and hypodermic needle. Requires a very steady hand !



Yakisugi is a centuries old Japanese technique for preserving cedar, the charring carbonises and hardens the grain whilst giving a beautiful blackened finish. We’re using this method for an off grid cabin currently under construction.



Tree cross section

Various sections of timber that can milled from a tree trunk.

Vincent Kohler, Photo credit: Geoffrey Cottenceau


Man powered micro manufacturing plant

Developed for Dezeen space, 2011


Dezeen Platform_R McKelvie


Chuppah Video – Construction

I was commissioned to design & build a Jewish wedding Chuppah, it was a wonderful project to work on.


Domesticity: 13 July–21 August 2013

The second edition of the ‘Missing Pieces’ table is being exhibited in a group show titled: Domesticity: 13 July–21 August 2013.

The Brindley arts centre, Runcorn, UK



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Chuppah / work in progress

This was such an interesting project to work on encompassing an array of different processes including; glass blowing, 3d etching, carving & gilding, laminating, metal rolling, brazing, lathing & cnc engraving.